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  • Advantages Of Modern European Home Designs

    Even though the traditional European home design renders a feel of sophistication and luxury, there are a lot of reasons to opt for modern designs. We do accept the fact that we are compromising a lot in terms of aesthetics, tradition and lot more.

    But modern designs will help you to enjoy a lot of benefits. We need to accept the fact that times have changed and the young generation is expecting something more in a house than just elegance and luxury. In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of modern European home designs.

    Efficient use of space

    The modern design concentrates more on the utility value. Hence the hallways and corridors are designed in such a way that they use less. At the end of the day, they are spaces to move around. These modern designs capitalize on the available space and use it to the optimum levels. A good modern design not just concentrates on the space inside the building; it also makes the maximum use of the outdoor space.

    Air circulation and natural light

    One of the important reasons why we should opt for the modern home designs is that the modern home designs concentrate more on sunlight and the natural air entering the house. It is very advantageous not just in terms of designs but also from the health point of view. This makes the design also energy efficient as it reduces the use of light throughout the year and drastically decreases the use of the fan and air conditioning during the summers.

    Striking the perfect balance

    Not to hurt anyone but the old European designs concentrated more on the aesthetic sense of the building. Everything else had less priority. The modern homes are designed in such a way that they are able to strike a perfect balance between good looks and efficiency.  Simple things like avoiding unnecessary add-ons are the ones that make the modern designs very cost effective and efficient.

    More chances for customizing

    These modern home plans provide the homeowners with a lot of opportunities to customize, unlike the conventional designs which restrict them with the symmetry. Many might think that customizing is not a huge deal. But the truth is that giving chances to customize is more about letting people adapt according to their wish from time to time.

    Future Expansion

    There are no arguments to the fact that this is the biggest advantage when it comes to modern designs. We can be hundred percent sure that the homes that were designed in the last decade were provided with the facility to expand in the future which was not possible in the traditional designs.

    More flexibility

    The modern designs are more flexible when compared to traditional designs. The traditional designs were more about following the norms and sticking on to perfection. But on the contrary, the modern home designs are very flexible according to our convenience. Simple things like reducing or increasing the size of the rooms are possible with the modern home designs.


  • Classy Decor Elements That Every European Home Should Have

    When it comes to European homes, there are a few elements in the décor that sets them apart from the rest. Most of these elements have a sophisticated look and with a pinch of antiqueness to it. These decors are not just about the looks of the house. It is more about the tradition and also about the feeling that it renders. These European decors have a unique charm that creates a peaceful ambiance. Here are some of the classic décor elements that every European home should have.

    Reading Material

    For ages, the Europeans have been a bunch of people who have given great importance for reading. It has played, and it is playing an integral part in most of their lives. Things might have changed off late, with the transformation from books to tablets. But the practice of reading still continues. A European home is incomplete without shelves stocked with books. So it does not matter whether you have the habit of reading or not. If you want your home to have that European style the first thing that you need to do is to have a classy shelf with good books.

    Cozy seating

    Many might think that this setup is common in most parts of the world. Yes, there are no second thoughts on that. But you should know that it all originated in Europe specifically with royal families. It was the habit of the Royals to provide the visitors and guests with comfortable seating.  Overstuffed armchairs with distinctly designed pillows give a sense of royalty and warmth.

    Potted Plants

    In most parts of the world, the potted plants are generally used to decorate the gardens. But the Europeans were the first to use the potted plants inside the house. If you are going to incorporate the same make sure to go with vibrant colors and if possible choose the ones that offer a mild fragrance.

     Floral designs

    In today’s world, people do experiment with colors when it comes to designing. But they prefer to keep things plain. On the contrary, the European people never preferred to have walls with plain colors. They mostly preferred having elegant floral designs. So insert as much as floral designs possible to get the perfect European makeover.

    A spacious and well-designed kitchen

      This is one thing that a lot of people cannot accept and hesitate to do. The major reason is that the predominant population of the world views the kitchen as a part of the house with utility value and not a place where we can experiment with designs. The European designs are completely opposite to that. They are very sleek, elegant and consume more space than you can imagine. They also have expensive crockery and utensils stocked.


    Europeans are people have a special inclination towards art. It is the very reason why they stock their homes with classy, elegant and expensive art. Filling the walls of the house with art might be a very rare thing for the rest of the world, but in Europe is a very common thing to happen. So fill your homes with as much as art possible and make it completely European....

  • color-trends

    Latest European Interior Design Trends

    The interior designing industry in Europe is always flourishing. Reason? The elegant and chic designs they come up to make homes look classy and beautiful. European interior trends have always taken the world by storm – so what's currently trending in the design industry? Let's take you through: Millennial Pink: When Blush Pink was given the privilege of being the color of the year way back in 2016, everyone, especially those in the creative industry knew right then – this color is meant to stay! And that's what's happening! It's 2019, and Blush Pink is still here. The warmth and class blush pink perfectly match the elegance and charm of European interior designing brings in. Blush pink has been thrown into interiors in generous amounts – as the shade is not overbearing. The number of colors and other aspects of designing that smoothly go with blush pink are quite a lot. Also, this shade is perfect to bring in that pop of color you want in your home! millenian-pink Bird print: Bird printed wallpapers, fabrics, lampshades, curtains, carpets are all set to make an entry. The bird print brings in the required break in the monotone, making interiors more colorful and appealing. And while European interior designing is known mainly for its classiness, the bird print will be minimalist but present. A variety of bird prints have already marked their entry into the market, let's see how and where this trend features. Plants: Plants, both live and embodied are to make an appearance in homes across Europe. Thes plants won't be the usual ones you find in home – designers will get creative with that too. Also, framed embodies and embellished plants are something to look forward to in interiors if homes. They not only look pretty but also bring int he earthy look that your home deserves to have. Also, greenery in all its forms is truly appreciable, when incorporated int the interiors of a home. Beautiful Collections Splash of teal: Teal is the one bright shade that's going to rock homes. Especially with the subtle tones that dominate European interior designing, teal works wonders. The much-required freshness in the otherwise bland shades is most welcome! Not only the natural teal, but various shades of teal are used to keep the dramatic quotient of European interiors intact. Also, the use of multiple shades of teal is visually appealing to the eye – so designers are trying to make the best possible use of teal in their designs...

  • Most Expensive European Homes

    “Home”- The one building on the face of the earth that is more than just bricks and cement. It is one of the very few places that we have an emotional connect with.  It is an undeniable fact that everyone in this world wants to dwell in their own house.  Some are fortunate enough to witness their dream come true, and some are not.  But there is this specific segment of people who have very different definition about homes and luxury. They are people who defy levels and exceed boundaries to create that jaw-dropping moment to everyone who see their houses. In this article, we will see the most expensive houses in Europe.

    Buckingham Palace

    If you had a history of ruling nearly half of the world, this is what you end up with. The value of Buckingham Palace is almost 1.5 billion dollars. The property is located in the city of Westminster. It was built in the year 1706 for the Duke of Buckingham. It has been the home for the Queen of England from 1953.

    Villa Leopolda

    Villa Leopolda is the second most expensive home in Europe. The value of the property is nearly half a billion dollars that is almost five hundred million dollars. It was built in the year 1902 by king Leopolda of Belgium. It is the very reason why it got the name Villa Leopolda. It is located in the breathtaking French Rivera. The twenty-seven stories property consists of nineteen-bed rooms, a fantastic swimming pool, and a perfectly maintained large garden.

    Hariri’s London Mansion

    The worth of Hariri’s London Mansion is about 450 million dollars. Most of the people know it by the name 2-8a Gate Mansion. It is located near Hyde Park, London. It is owned by former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafique Hariri. It is the reason why it is called the Hariri’s London Mansion. It is a seven-story property with forty-five bedrooms. The mansion is filled with antique furniture and gold plated utensils.

    Bran Castle

    The Bran Castle is a place that holds a lot of history. It is situated near Bran in Romania. The worth of the property is nearly three hundred million dollars. The palace was built the 1300s. It has forty rooms including seventeen-bed rooms. It is also one of the oldest castles in the world that spreads over twenty acres.

    Kingston Palace Gardens

    The Kingston Palace Gardens is located in the street of Kingston, in west central London. One of the important facts about this property is that it served as the headquarters for MI19. The value of this property is nearly 230 million dollars. It was built during the 1840s. It also served as the residence of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

    Henley Mansion

    The Henley Mansion is located in Berkshire England. The estimated value of Henley mansion is 220 million dollars. It is a three-hundred-year-old property. It is exactly located on the banks of River Thames. The mansion is set in two hundred acres land that also consists of two golf courses.


  • Tips For Home Design 2018

    1. Do Your Home Design Homework-

    You should initially choose what kind of home to construct. House styles today are as differed as for the individuals who live in them, offering you a dinner of thoughts from which to obtain. When you see a home that interests to you, choose precisely what highlights or attributes grabbed your attention. Make a note of these or, even better, make a snappy portray. Keep every one of these thoughts together in a record. You do not need to choose how to actualize them all yet, yet in the long run, you will choose how best to fit these into your home structure plan.

    1. Make Your Home Design List-

    While making a list of criteria for your home plan, begin with the basics : the quantity of rooms, the quantity of washrooms, the quantity of family regions, the decision between a formal lounge area or an increasingly open, network eating area, patio or deck styles for your home's passageways and the measure of your garage. When your essential list is finished, handle making arrangements for individual rooms. You will need to list includes that are most critical to you first and afterward include from that point. This list can incorporate kitchen highlights, main washroom highlights, sound wiring for speaker frameworks, Internet and telephone connections, etc.

    1. Check Local Zoning Laws-

    Zoning laws can influence everything from house framing to yard fencing. Checking first to perceive what zoning laws your locale has can spare you many headaches.

    1. Design Within Your Budget-

    When your list is finished, contrast it with your financial plan and conform to fit. This is especially troublesome for first time home developers, a significant issue as indicated by Tom Dickinson, veteran manufacturer and a Building Inspector for Logan City, Utah. One approach to understanding your financial plan from the earliest starting point is to put resources into home structure programming that incorporates an estimator, which gives you a running aggregate of expenses as you structure your home.

    1. Design to Fit Your Plot-

    Your land is one of a kind; each plot has resources and difficulties. Remember these while making your home plan. Utilize existing evaluations of your plot to your support. If your part slants forcefully to the side, consider a walkout side cellar entryway rather than the customary indirect access. Working with your land, rather than against, spares you exhuming costs and holds a more significant amount of your plots familiar character. You ought to likewise position ground level rooms and restrooms toward the back of the house, far from road and pedestrian activity, and structure windows, foliage and wall to amplify magnificence and maximize protection.


  • Tips To Add Some European Flair To Your Home

    The European architecture is not confined by boundaries. It is a very common thing that you can see in many parts of the world. The dominance that they had over the major parts of the world in terms of power and trade is one of the major reasons for the popularity of European architecture. There are good possibilities that the buildings that were built a century ago might have a tinge of European style. But the buildings that were built in the recent past would have missed out those traditional entities. To give your home the European makeover these are the things that you need to do.


    When we say repainting, we did not mean to repaint the house with the color of your desire. There are these specific colors that really bring out the European essence. Some of the colors include Whispering Wheat, Parchment Wheat, Sweet Tea, and Walnut Bark. When these royal, rich and beautiful colors blend with white or sandstone, it can strike the perfect balance of being modern and traditional.

    Adding Wood Beams

    It was just in the past fifty years that we have reduced the use of wood. Using wood as much as possible will definitely elevate the entire appearance of the house.  Adding wooden beams made out of oak will give the exact feel of the European farmhouse. Just some minor adjustments with wood you can bid goodbye to the country barn look and say hello to the European style.

    Light Fixtures

    Many might think what does a light fixture has to do with European style. The two major entities that played a very integral role in European housing design are wood and lighting fixtures. If you are able to get some of the world-famous Murano glass fixtures, it would definitely seal the deal. These Murano glass fixtures are handcrafted and are considered to be one of the best in the world.


    Every window in most of the European buildings makes its own statement. The French and the Italian windows definitely need a special mention. Anything said and done they are unique in their own way and stand apart from the rest. Incorporating these styles in your windows will surely bring the European style to your home.

    Ceramic Tiles

    The use of ceramic tiles has become very common. It gives a decent look to the building and is also not that expensive. Using these ceramic tiles as much as possible will definitely elevate the look of the house. If you are able to zero down to the specific pattern, then you can really make the best of it.

    Wooden Flooring

    Adding wooden flooring to your house makes a strong statement and immediately gives an antique look. The most famous herringbone pattern or a large board of white oak is all you need, to nail the traditional European look. It instantly renders a sophisticated feel.


  • Top Garden Design

    1. Never skimp on your flower-beds-

    A meter or more, top to bottom is the best size for a border, giving you space to put small plants at the front with taller ones behind. In any case, on the off chance that you don't have space for meter-deep beds, you could place climbers at the back border, as you can even now get tallness in the planting.

    1. Landscaping sets the tone-

    The manner in which clearing is laid and its shading give a solid plan course to the whole garden. For example, dull or white stone laid in an irregular example will set the scene for a French nation look. Dark or silver clearing sorted out in an ordinary plan will shape the ideal background to a smooth and present-day conspire. Though buff or brilliant stone organized in an arbitrary example makes the English nation feel.

    1. Get your lawn into shape-

    Watch out of your window at your garden, and the most excellent shape you'll most likely observe is your yard. If it's a decent solid shape, it will set the whole garden in good shape. Furthermore, it does not need to be a square shape! Attempt an oval, circle, square or oblong.

    1. Coordinate your plants and clearing-

    Dark or white stone looks incredible with purple and white sprouts.

    Brilliant or big works with blossoms that have delicate tones – pink, lavender, and pale yellow.

    Purple blossom in a window box on stone squares floor.

    1. Keep in mind the four seasons-

    When you are picking blossoming plants to endeavor to make some of them 'out of season' entertainers, so you have some all year shading. Or on the other hand, put in spring and late-spring bulbs to get the garden off to an incredible begin.

    1. Plan your planting-

    The best structures begin with structural plants infilled with quite, blooming plants. So utilize bushes toward the finish of each fringe and as punctuation along the way. Including little bushes, for example, box balls, or huge evergreens, for instance, mahonia for greater territories. When you have this edge, fill the holes with indeed blooming plants. Endeavor to stick to only five or six distinct sorts and mastermind them in rehashed examples for a planned and harmonious effect.

    1. Do not stint on seating space-

    When arranging your garden, in case you are considering having a table, the space it will require and also sufficiently enable space for every individual to almost certainly sit easily and haul out their seat without hitting anything. Furthermore, recall that you will additionally require space to stroll around thetable with everybody situated. Everything winds up taking up substantially more space than you may suspect!


  • Top Home Design Ideas

    There are a lot of home design ideas that come to your mind when you are building your house. Here are some of the top home design ideas you can use for your benefit:

    1. Mixed Siding-

    In case you are hoping to emphasize distinctive shapes and add uniqueness to your home, mixed siding is an ideal alternative. The home above exhibits a beautiful mix of shake and board and secure siding, underlining the peaks and dormer. Subtle stonework along the establishment makes a grounded feel, as well. This example has a straightforward and regular look. However, numerous property holders utilize striking and differentiating color to make shapes pop even more.

    1. Covered Porches and Outdoor Living Spaces-

    Covered yards and porches are a home plan thought wanted by many, as they are the ideal space to unwind and appreciate time outside. A covered porch, or lanai, has interminable structure likely outcomes; numerous homeowners consolidate agreeable open-air furniture, comfortable chimneys, and outside kitchen and bar regions. A secured porch is perfect for loosening up mornings – get your espresso, a magazine, and take in that natural air.

    1. An Angled Garage-

    The calculated garage has turned into an undeniably well known outside plan include. It does not contend with the façade as much from a straight-on view and includes some unique interest. Other than being stylishly satisfying, this home structure thought is perfect for wide parts that are not extremely profound. An elective style of the calculated carport has side-passage garage entryways, on the off chance that you lean toward your garage in favor of your home instead of in front. See Clopay's slick garage ways to include the ideal check advance regardless of the style of your home or the area of the garage.

    1. Stonework-

    Stonework is a sound outside home structure thought that is regularly found on Craftsman and European house designs. It includes a large control bid factor, and it's exceptional because it very well may be done in such vast numbers of various approaches to making your home remarkable. Keen on adding stonework to your fantasy home? Look at Eldorado Stone, known for their carefully assembled, high caliber, available items accessible in a vast variety of shapes, profiles, and shading mixes. They have the stone, block, and then some!

    1. Decorated Gables, Columns, and Millwork-

    An incredible method to add character to your house is with decorated gables, segments, and millwork. There are unlimited conceivable outcomes with regards to outside stylistic theme, so whether you pick one essential piece or go full scale like the house plan above, it'll make sure to include that additional control offer that you are searching for — intrigued by this structure thought? Fypon supplies a vast variety of heavy moldings and millwork for both inside and outside ventures, just as a possibility for custom items.


  • Top Interior Design Trends

    1. Vintage accessories-

    "Curating old and vintage accessories and craftsmanship to recount a story. Regardless of whether it's your home or lodging, blending discovered things, books and craft into your space make a one of a kind and individual experience. Unique things are effectively available nowadays, from online networking channels through to eBay, old fashioned shops and even Craigslist!" — Kellie Sirna, Studio 11 Design. Design ought to be anything besides exhausting. We adore the possibility of this vintage extras incline since it enables you to give your structures a bit of something exceptional, an implicit show-stopper and potential point of convergence. We propose doing some examination to see which time of structure you interface with the most and utilizing those kinds of extras as your motivation.

    1. Dark fixtures-

    "Metal is making a rebound and overwhelming the pervasive rose gold." — Sarah Hullinger, Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA). We have discussed how to blend metals previously. In case you will go this course, make sure to pick one overwhelming metal to convey the room and to utilize the others as accents. You ought to likewise make sure to coordinate the completions on each kind of metal to help pull them together outwardly.

    1. Bold colors-

    "2018 will be tied in with anything besides neutral tones. Things are moving in a striking bearing. Reds, solid blues and energetic greens, specifically. Individuals have tired of neutral, now and then exhausting palettes." — Rainey Richardson, Rainey Richardson Interiors This is formally your motivating force to push the limits of example and shading. While neutral shades should even now make up a part of your plan, in 2018 it would seem that we'll see them take considerably more of a foundation position. You can either pull out all the stops with explanation furniture or utilize these shades all through your frill. Individually, floor coverings, toss cushions and covers are an incredible method to get in on the pattern without feeling excessively dedicated.

    1. Wide plank flooring-

    "The prominence of more great boards has been on the rise. As homeowners are exchanging out standard widths for increasingly far-reaching boards, 5-inch wide boards have turned into the new great. More long boards speak to arrival to an increasingly natural or vintage look, and there is a solid pattern towards arbitrary width establishments." — Sara Babinski of Armstrong Flooring. More great boards are the ideal decision for the individuals who lean toward natural or mechanical feel. They have a method for giving the room a feeling of history and appeal that is infrequently found in progressively mass-designed looks. Also, although the wood will likely be genuinely impartial, the wide boards will include a subtle pop of obvious enthusiasm to the room.


  • Best Interior Designers In Europe

    We all know that Europe is a place that is filled with extravagant buildings of amazing architecture. These are more than just buildings. They are the evident result and the testimony of hard work, dedication, and craftsmanship of the people who were involved in the designing and construction process.

    Just giving it a thought, if the exteriors of the buildings are so much impressive how the interiors would be? It is something that cannot be imagined because we know for a fact that the interiors will be something that is out of the world and something that beyond the levels of imagination. In this article, we shall see about the best interior designers in Europe.

    Adjaye Associates

    Adjaye Associates was found by David Adjaye in the year 2000. With just two decades in the business, they have managed to position themselves among the best in Europe. They have been associated with all sorts of projects that include private homes, major art centers, business complexes, luxury hotels and so on.  Some of their notable works include Alara Concept Store, Marian Goodman Gallery, Moscow School of Management and Nobel Peace Centre.

    Cabinet Alberto Pinto

    Cabinet Alberto Pinto was found by Alberto Pinto. He is one of the renowned interior designers in the world. He designs are known for incorporating styles and methods from various parts of the world. He is considered to a great inspiration to many interior designers. He is one of the very few designers who has had his hand on almost everything. The works include private residences, bungalows, office buildings, hotels, private just and also Yachts.

    Decoration Jaques Garcia

    Decoration Jaques Garcia was found by Jaques Garcia. He is kind of a person who keeps quiet and lets his work speak for itself. He is a designer who is based out of Paris and is famous for many of his works in the luxury hotels. The latest that needs to be added to the list are the NoMad in New York and the renovation of La Mamounia in Marrakech. His client list includes some of the most eminent personalities in the world which also has the Sultan of Brunei. Garcia is known for sophisticated methods of using the furniture. His designs for McGuire and Baker will stand as testimony for who he is and what he can do.

    David Collins Studio


    The David Collins Studio was found by David Collins in the year 1985. David is considered to be one of the best in the industry as he redefined the word luxury when it comes to interior designing. The projects of David Collins are a perfect blend of aesthetics, luxury, and sophistication.  They have been associated with projects all around the world. They have designed high-end fashion stores, luxurious hotels, bars and a lot more.

    India Mahdavi

    India Mahdavi is an Architect, designer, and scenographer.  She was born in the year 1962 in Iran. Since she has lived in many places such as the US, Germany, France, and Paris. Her work has a tinge of everything. It is also one of the reasons why she made a name for herself in the industry. Her work is the perfect combination of humor, elegance, and sensuality. Some of the notable projects include Hotel du Cloitre, Coburg Bar, Monte Carlo Beach in Monaco and Rivington Hotel.