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Essential Aspects Of European Home Designs

European Home Designs

Essential Aspects Of European Home Designs

The English have a knack of creating such beautiful homes that the world admires the finesse and class in the way they craft their homes. The best part of these homes is that apart from being elegant and chic, they’re also very homely and warm. What is it that makes a home that’s influenced by European culture stand out from the rest? What are those peculiar characteristics of European interior designing that reflect in these homes? Let’s have a look:

Subtle shades:
Subdued palettes form an essential part of every English home. You’ll find the pastel pallet being generously used in these homes, with the other aspects of the home being colorful and responsible for bringing in the required colors splash in the home. The colors though on the milder side don’t make these homes look tasteless or bland – they look regal, just because of the way they are done up.Costal

Lots of shelves:
English homes have this typical feature – you have to find loads of bookshelves in these homes! And each shelf will be full of books from across the world! The English are big fans of literature, and they make this fact known and evident through the interiors of their homes too! But even otherwise, having a home that full of books is always pleasant and inviting – so yay to the books and yes, their shelves too!


It has to be present in every English home. The green touch gives the home a different dimension altogether while maintaining the overall look too. Not only the plants but the pots in which they are hoisted are chosen carefully – to make sure they go in sync with the rest of the interiors in the home. These potted plants find their place on window sills, by the stairs or even at the doorway. And must say, the tact to include greens in home interiors cannot be done better than the way the English do it!

Ample use of wood:
You’ll find wood used generously in English homes. The wood brings in warmth into a home, making it more intimate and cozy. The ample use of wood in ceilings, furniture, dining tables bring in the rustic charm of the years gone by into modern homes. Every English home will have a lot of wood on display in various locations throughout the home.

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