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Latest European Interior Design Trends


Latest European Interior Design Trends

The interior designing industry in Europe is always flourishing. Reason? The elegant and chic designs they come up to make homes look classy and beautiful. European interior trends have always taken the world by storm – so what’s currently trending in the design industry? Let’s take you through:

Millennial Pink:
When Blush Pink was given the privilege of being the color of the year way back in 2016, everyone, especially those in the creative industry knew right then – this color is meant to stay! And that’s what’s happening! It’s 2019, and Blush Pink is still here. The warmth and class blush pink perfectly match the elegance and charm of European interior designing brings in. Blush pink has been thrown into interiors in generous amounts – as the shade is not overbearing. The number of colors and other aspects of designing that smoothly go with blush pink are quite a lot. Also, this shade is perfect to bring in that pop of color you want in your home!


Bird print:
Bird printed wallpapers, fabrics, lampshades, curtains, carpets are all set to make an entry. The bird print brings in the required break in the monotone, making interiors more colorful and appealing. And while European interior designing is known mainly for its classiness, the bird print will be minimalist but present. A variety of bird prints have already marked their entry into the market, let’s see how and where this trend features.

Plants, both live and embodied are to make an appearance in homes across Europe. Thes plants won’t be the usual ones you find in home – designers will get creative with that too. Also, framed embodies and embellished plants are something to look forward to in interiors if homes. They not only look pretty but also bring int he earthy look that your home deserves to have. Also, greenery in all its forms is truly appreciable, when incorporated int the interiors of a home.

Beautiful Collections

Splash of teal:
Teal is the one bright shade that’s going to rock homes. Especially with the subtle tones that dominate European interior designing, teal works wonders. The much-required freshness in the otherwise bland shades is most welcome! Not only the natural teal, but various shades of teal are used to keep the dramatic quotient of European interiors intact. Also, the use of multiple shades of teal is visually appealing to the eye – so designers are trying to make the best possible use of teal in their designs

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