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Tips To Add Some European Flair To Your Home

Tips To Add Some European Flair To Your Home

The European architecture is not confined by boundaries. It is a very common thing that you can see in many parts of the world. The dominance that they had over the major parts of the world in terms of power and trade is one of the major reasons for the popularity of European architecture. There are good possibilities that the buildings that were built a century ago might have a tinge of European style. But the buildings that were built in the recent past would have missed out those traditional entities. To give your home the European makeover these are the things that you need to do.


When we say repainting, we did not mean to repaint the house with the color of your desire. There are these specific colors that really bring out the European essence. Some of the colors include Whispering Wheat, Parchment Wheat, Sweet Tea, and Walnut Bark. When these royal, rich and beautiful colors blend with white or sandstone, it can strike the perfect balance of being modern and traditional.

Adding Wood Beams

It was just in the past fifty years that we have reduced the use of wood. Using wood as much as possible will definitely elevate the entire appearance of the house.  Adding wooden beams made out of oak will give the exact feel of the European farmhouse. Just some minor adjustments with wood you can bid goodbye to the country barn look and say hello to the European style.

Light Fixtures

Many might think what does a light fixture has to do with European style. The two major entities that played a very integral role in European housing design are wood and lighting fixtures. If you are able to get some of the world-famous Murano glass fixtures, it would definitely seal the deal. These Murano glass fixtures are handcrafted and are considered to be one of the best in the world.


Every window in most of the European buildings makes its own statement. The French and the Italian windows definitely need a special mention. Anything said and done they are unique in their own way and stand apart from the rest. Incorporating these styles in your windows will surely bring the European style to your home.

Ceramic Tiles

The use of ceramic tiles has become very common. It gives a decent look to the building and is also not that expensive. Using these ceramic tiles as much as possible will definitely elevate the look of the house. If you are able to zero down to the specific pattern, then you can really make the best of it.

Wooden Flooring

Adding wooden flooring to your house makes a strong statement and immediately gives an antique look. The most famous herringbone pattern or a large board of white oak is all you need, to nail the traditional European look. It instantly renders a sophisticated feel.

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